Worth The Fight

Many self defense seminars will teach the “what”, moves or techniques, but not touch on the “why”. WTF seminars integrate the reasons why participants should put their energy into learning and getting comfortable with techniques and practices to keep themselves safe. Women and girls will be more likely to establish and defend their boundaries and their personal safety if they have been told, shown and ultimately know that they are worth the effort to do so.


I have spent many years teaching self defense to women before I created Worth The Fight. During that time I heard many testimonials of women who were previously too afraid or uncomfortable to take a self defense seminar given by a man, but had finally been able to commit to the idea of arming themselves with knowledge and skills if they could learn from a female. I believe that we have been gifted with powerful tools that can help the females in the community be their best possible selves.


Participants will learn:

1) Self Defense The self defense portion will consist of simple, effective and adaptable movements and practices.

2) Empowerment Our seminars teach women and girls that if they have the tools, beginning with a strong mindset, they can take their lives in any direction they choose.

3) Self Definition The corner stone of our philosophy is that in order to stand up for yourself you must define who you are before someone or something else does it for you. HOW DO I SCHEDULE Call or Email Amanda to schedule a 2 hour seminar for your group. .

What is "Worth the Fight"ť

Teaching self defense, empowerment and self definition to women and girls of all ages. We are teaching our females that they, themselves, are entitled to define who they are, and that they are worth the fight.
We believe that to redirect the current trend of sexual violence against women in our community we must do a better job of helping our females develop a sense of themselves that is not based on the world’s perception of them, but instead on their individual attributes that make them a beautiful and valuable member of our world.

Some reviews from the Seminar

"You taught me so much about self defense. I feel much better" - Cerella

"Thank you for teaching me how to defend myself. I think it is very helpful."-Lily

"Thank you so much for encouraging us to follow our dreams!" - Elysee

"I had a lot of fun and learned a lot, thank u! I've always been afraid of what to do around strangers (bad). Now I know. thnx again!" - Bella