Master Rosbarsky - one of the Top 50 coaches in USA Taekwondo.

If competition is your goal, Master Rosbarsky has many years experience in competition and coaching.


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We teach Sport Poomsae

Students from age 13-70+ can compete at the World Level.  We teach World Taekwondo standards in Taeguek and Black Belt Forms.


We use Daedo Electronic Hogu for our Competition Team

We train with electronic equipment to prepare for National Level Competitions


We teach Traditional Taekwondo Classes

We bow into classes, use Korean terminology and follow the ettiquette of Taekwondo


We incorporate some different martial arts as well as Taekwondo for Self-Defense

We include Taekwondo, Hapkido, Yongmudo and Judo in our self-defense training for different situations.


Great Community

We have a great community of families that encourage and supports each other.


Large Network

Master Rosbarsky has many friends across the Taekwondo world and this brings in guest athletes and coaches in for seminars and opens doors for his students to go attend seminars across the country.

Introductory Package #1

  • 2 weeks instruction
  • No Uniform

Introductory Package #2

  • 4 Weeks Instruction
  • Uniform

Classic Introductory Package

  • 8 Weeks Instruction
  • Uniform


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The masters and instructors are not only amazingly talented and well respected but they are also genuine in their concern and and passion for the students and family at the school! Missoula tkd center is the school for every form of your tkd needs!!

Mary Nguyen
 Amazing atmosphere, wonderful people - highly recommend it
 Our whole family has been learning at MTC for almost 6 years. It has been an amazing journey. We have grown stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally through our training and our relationships with our instructors and classmates. Several of our daughter's coaches in other sports have remarked on her strength, work ethic, and coachability, which we (and they) attribute to her years at MTC. Great place with great people. SO much more than just a taekwondo school!